After 20 years of collaboration in multiple rock bands around the Nashville music scene, natives Chris Husak, Cory Johnson and David Woods set out in 2018 to present their latest project, Malibu Blackout. Johnson and Woods’ previous band laid the sonic foundation: a heavy, driving meld of Queens of the Stone Age and At the Drive-In influences. Malibu Blackout maintains their heavy blues, alt rock roots but now veers into directions of post-punk revival and dance-punk, with flares of western and rockabilly styles.


The band formed in the Spring of ‘17 and focused on writing for over a year. In the Summer of ‘18, Malibu Blackout entered the studio to track their debut singles at Nashville’s analog bastion Welcome to 1979. The singles were released between late 2018 and early 2019. The band received strong praise from Nashville independent music tastemakers Lightning 100 and No Country for New Nashville, while also drawing attention from other national and international blogs.


Malibu Blackout is currently working on an upcoming EP while gigging locally. The EP is set for release on September 18, 2020.



Stay Home, Stay Safe

Your House

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